GCSE Psychology Students will have an opportunity, in the context of real life issues, to appreciate psychological concepts and contexts; allowing them to understand the methodologies and the basis of how psychology works. Students will be studying the biological structures involved in perception; including the role of the eye and brain as well as ethical issues in laboratory experiments. They will also study explanations of dreaming offered by Freud, Hobson and McCarley, comparing and evaluating these. Additionally, students will consider the causes of aggression and the 'nature versus nurture' debate. Students will consider social learning, conditioning and evolutionary causes of phobias and criminality such as genetics, comparing them to social explanations of criminality such as family patterns and self fulfilling prophecy.

Unit 1: Perception and Dreaming (40% of final grade)

Topic A - How do we see the world?

Topic B - Is dreaming meaningful?


Unit 2: Social, Biological and Psychological Debates (60% of final grade)

Topic C - Do TV and video games affect behaviour?

Topic D - Do we have phobias?

Topic E - Criminals: born or made?


Year 11 GCSEs

Religion and relationships

Religion and Work

Religion and Multiculturalism - Students will explore issues such as the concepts of tolerance, respect and diversity within a community, immigration, and the role of religion within politics.

Religion and Human Rights