Overview of the department:

The Science Faculty at Avon Valley School has 9 full time science teachers, with a mix of specialisms and experience. Teachers are supported by two experienced science technicians and part time administrative support.

All classes have some of their lessons in teaching laboratories with the rest being taught in a combination of IT rooms and classrooms.

The Faculty Leader for science is Cassandra Pitts supported by two co-assistant faculty leaders.

Faculty Resources:

The science facilities include six teaching laboratories, one demonstration classroom, two prep rooms, two storage rooms and an office. Science lessons also take place in nearby IT rooms and other classrooms throughout the school.

Schemes of work and teaching resources are available on the school network which teachers are also able to access from home using school lap tops. Textbooks matching the most recent curriculum changes are also available as class sets for use in lessons.

Most teaching rooms are equipped with network PCs and projectors and laboratories contain basic science equipment. Other equipment can be ordered from the science technicians.

Subject Description:

Year 7 and 8 students follow the National Curriculum based upon the AQA KS3 scheme of work. Students are encouraged to develop scientific skills to gain an understanding of science through inquisition and discovery. Regular assessment using end of unit quizzes and 6 mark questions in addition to three quantitative assessments spread throughout the year, are used to monitor the progress students make. This allows intervention to be targeted at students who most need it.

In Year 9, students enter KS4 and begin studying the AQA GCSE Combined Science ‘synergy’ scheme of work. This provides students with a broad approach to science helping them to make links between the different branches of the subject. The progress of students is assessed throughout the year with topic tests and two whole year assessments.

In Year 10, students who have shown sufficient aptitude for science can choose to follow the AQA Separate Sciences curriculum, allowing them to obtain individual GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics grades.

Students continue to study either Combined Science or Separate Sciences throughout Year 11. In Year 11, the Science Faculty undertakes an intervention programme where students are selected to spend one morning tutor time each week working in groups with a science teacher. This can be to support students who are underachieving or to challenge those who we believe are able to further excel in the subject.

Science Staff

Miss C Pitts

Assistant Faculty Leader

Mr A Mushing

Science ITT Tutor

Mr I Goldthorp

Teacher of Science

Mr G Massey


Mr A Thomas


Miss R Spencer


Ms K Cockerill

Head Technician

Ms M Macdonald

Science Technician

L Cooper

Faculty Leader

Ms S Chaplin

Teacher of Science