Media & Film Studies

In Media and Film Studies students are given the opportunity to develop their analytical and creative skills by completing a range of tasks focussing on sources from a variety of time periods.

Media Studies

During the Media Studies GCSE course students are expected to complete three coursework tasks that, when combined, are worth 60% of the overall mark. These controlled assessments are completed throughout the course, with the largest piece, a production project, completed in year 11.

The exam, worth 40% of the overall grade, is split into two sections that focus on investigating and creating media texts.

Film Studies

On the GCSE Film Studies course students complete 3 coursework tasks that account for 50% of the overall mark. The first piece allows students the opportunity to focus on the business side of The Film Industry, before they analyse the way a film is made in the second. The piece that is the main focus in the early part of year 11 is a production project that is split into 4 sections; Pitch, Pre-Production, Production and Evaluation.

There are two exams on the Film Studies course. Paper 1 is worth 30% of the overall grade and focuses on a specific film genre, currently superhero films. The final 20% of the overall mark is attached to paper 2 in which students have the opportunity to examine a film from outside Hollywood.

Both courses give students a chance to consider and further develop their understanding of popular culture whilst developing an analytical approach to tasks that will be hugely beneficial across the curriculum.