Drama is an essential part of any student’s curriculum. We strongly believe that Drama allows pupils to explore themselves and become a range of different characters based on real life situations within our society. Drama gives our students the opportunity to be whomever they want, helping them to discover and accept our differences and to apply an understanding to how we live and behave within society.

We strongly install empathy and compassion to all the themes and issue we explore, but most importantly compassion to one another within the lesson.

We ensure that Drama is highly respected subject and that we nurture our students to create a safe and secure place to be able to explore and express themselves.

Drama gives all our students the confidence and self belief to succeed and discover their own gifts, and ways in which they can use these gifts to succeed, not only within the theatre industry but also elsewhere.

We feel that at Avon Valley School Drama should be used as a learning tool as well as a practical subject, giving our students board knowledge of all subjects in one creative umbrella.

Drama is an extremely popular subject and year on year seems to be increasing. Avon valley has also produce some exceptional results in previous years, and we as a department strive to ensure all students will be challenged and engaged throughout excellent teaching and providing all students with an excellent experience throughout.


The aim within year 7 is primarily to install pupils self esteem and to explore the purpose of Drama and why it is important to have within their lessons.

Within the first term we look at Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland, this scheme is excellent for nurturing and restoring pupil’s imaginations. The scheme gives students to become fictional characters making them feel detached from themselves but developing confidence within a new environment.

We then look at a ww2 scheme based on Evacuees, this gives the students the opportunity to explore a historical event and yet gain empathy and understanding of what it may have been like being a child evacuee.

We also look at the dark mystery of Mr Black and his manor. The students at Avon Valley will always remember this scheme as we enter the into the truths and tales of such a place, leading to a visit from Mr Black himself.

Throughout all our schemes we are introducing the appropriate skills and conventions which are required throughout the Arts Council specification.

Most importantly our students enjoy and gain much more than conventions but life skills which can help them to make sense of who they are and the world in which we live showing and compassion and to gain some understanding what society is like.


We aim in year 8 for Drama to be more exciting and world related issues. There are many schemes to which we teach in Drama all ranging from the Holocaust which explores the sense of the political aspect of Drama and how it affected so many lives.

Students also get given the opportunity to explore conventions of mine and melodrama where year 8 focus on a scheme based around "Sweeney Todd the Demon barber" this schemes involves costume and make up, something all our students thoroughly enjoy.

We try and ensure that all themes are issues are safe and comfortable to explore. The scheme entitled The Zorkons allows the students to examine racial prejudice. They explore the imagined arrival of The Zorkons. These beings are identical to Earth people but are peace loving and arrive as guests of the governments across the world to help Earth become more peaceful. They are very noticeable due to their complexions being varied shades of blue. The drama enables the students to play both Zorkons and Earth people and looks at what happens when a Zorkon is murdered because of the colour of their skin.

Finally the Summer Term allows the students an opportunity to explore the issue of Gender and inequalities. This time they research and devise a small piece of drama that has a message for an audience and tries to open up a viewpoint. Finally we use a range of Mark wheeler’s script for their summer term which allows students to work on a range of text stimuli, from gun crime to alcohol and many more. As a Drama department we feel Mark wheeler can totally engage with youngsters in living in the real world and give them the through the way in which he delivers his text to explore this in a much stylised way.


All year 9 students at Avon valley school are placed into doing some form of qualification, whether that be a Performing Arts GCSE or BTEC Extended 1st Certificate. We see so many benefits in what the Arts do for out students and feel that it is important that every students gains a wide range of skills required for the work of work.

The qualifications to which we feel give all our students a well rounded education, with the skills which are fully transferable.


Drama GCSE is an excellent way to take Drama to another level. At Avon Valley school we believe in pushing our students to their full potential. Even at this level our students are introduced to Brecht and Berkoff style of Theatre. We have seen a great success in ensuring our students are introduced to a high level of work, which has also been a huge support when transitioning to A- level.

Almost all assessment is practical. There are no written examinations although pupils are required to keep a written record of your practical work. Pupils explore themes, ideas which will be recorded throughout a six hour workshop. Pupils will keep a diary log of their explorative journey, allowing them to keep a clear account of their devising development.


  • Drama Exploration
  • Internally assessed
  • Overview of content
  • Centre devised topic/theme/issue explored through practical workshops.
  • Overview of assessment
  • Six-hour practical exploration
  • Documentary response
  • Exploring Play Texts
  • Internally assessed
  • Overview of content
  • The study of a full and substantial play text chosen by the centre
  • Experience of live theatre as a member of the audience
  • Overview of assessment
  • Six-hour practical exploration of the play text
  • Documentary response to practical exploration
  • Documentary response to live theatre
  • Drama Performance
  • Externally assessed
  • Overview of content
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of practical drama skills through a devised live performance Overview of assessment
  • Students will present their work as either performers or performance support students in a single performance to an examiner appointed by Edexcel.