Performing Arts Faculty

The Performing Arts are intrinsic to the ethos of our school. Specialist status, when it was gained in 2004, has since had a huge impact on school life, our individual students and within the wider community.

Avon Valley School boasts outstanding facilities, which are encapsulated in our spectacular annual shows and performance events. All students wishing to take part are included in our shows and regular opportunities are created to showcase curriculum work to further develop performance skills.

Many students come to Avon Valley School simply because they are aware of our outstanding reputation. In addition to the raw talent that many of our students arrive with, they naturally develop transferable skills and thrive on the sense of purpose and self-belief that these instill. Such attributes in our students generate a more positive attitude to learning across the broader curriculum and they are able to recognise the role that Performing Arts play in their personal development.

We take pride in providing additional activities to enrich student experience, including exposure to professional artists, theatre companies and a regular residential trip to experience the world of West End shows. This is in addition to Curriculum-based trips and a full programme of extra-curricular activities across the four subject areas.

Our intuitive curriculum reflects the impact that Performing Arts can have on our students here. A variety of courses to engage across a range of needs and abilities is paramount and such is our passion, we ensure that every student in Year 9 gains a GCSE or BTEC qualification in an area within Performing Arts. Over the years, our success rate has been excellent and our results clearly reflect the enjoyment and respect that your children have within this learning area.

Our success is driven by a dedicated team of teachers who have your child’s needs at the forefront of their working day. The Performing Arts team is known for going beyond the call of duty in pursuit of student excellence in the hope that your children will become happy, confident and successful adults. The proven benefits of involvement in the Arts mean that parents look for excellent facilities and a dedicated staff in a school’s Performing Arts provision. They find it at Avon Valley School.

Performing Arts Staff

Miss E Wheatley

Faculty Leader

Mr J Collins

Subject Leader of Music

Mrs E Forrest

Subject Leader of Dance

Miss S Spraggett

Teacher of Dance

Miss B Scullion

Teacher of Dance