AVS 50

AVS 50 is a whole school reading initiative which challenges students to read fifty books during their five years at The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College.

We feel very strongly about providing regular opportunities for reading and actively encourage our students to read. A student’s journey with AVS 50 will last for five academic years; however, the benefits will last a lifetime.

How it works

Students choose, and read, one book at a time from our recommended reading list which consists of almost one thousand carefully selected titles. The list has been categorised into ten genres and features a wide range of authors and award winning fiction which will help ensure the best possible reading experience.

Bespoke AVS 50 spine labels have been placed on each book to aid clarity, recognition and choice.

As a student progresses through the challenge their participation will be rewarded.


Book of the Month

Dreaming the Bear

by Mimi Thebo

Dreaming the Bear  

A girl who is recovering from a serious illness makes friends with an injured female grizzly bear she meets in the wilderness.

The story was inspired by the author's real life encounters with a wild bear.

The book looks at compassion and friendship and focuses on how the impossible can become the achievable.

‘Dreaming the Bear’ is a very moving and beautiful book.

If you have enjoyed reading this book try
‘Island’ by Nicky Singer.