Computer Science

Computer science is offered along side GCSE ICT. This course is designed to be of interest to those students who are interested in the technical aspects of Information and communication technology and the theory behind computing including programming. Computer Science is the fastest growing industry affecting businesses now and it will be in the next decade.

Students have the opportunity to build on their programming skills from Year 7 – 9 They study how computers communicate with each other, how to construct a network, computer structures, application testing, web application concepts, database concepts (SQL), and linking web apps to databases.

This course is designed for those who enjoy logic, team working and problem-solving in groups. The subject is enjoyed by both genders as it develops a wide range of communication and thinking skills


Part 1 (25% of the marks)

Practical programming tasks - 1 controlled assessment tasks of 15 hours (completed in lessons). The possible areas to choose from include: gaming, mobile, web and more traditional PC-based programs. Working independently students should be able to demonstrate their ability to code a solution to a given problem. This internally assessed and externally moderated.

Part 2 (75% of the marks)

Exam paper will last 1 hours 30 minutes Computing fundamentals exam of questions from very short to extended answers. This is an externally assessed exam taken at the end of year 11.

Exam board is Edexcel