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Progress & Reports

Progress Checks

Each term a Progress Check is produced for every student. The Progress Check aims to give parents and carers a snapshot of the student’s performance and allows progress to be monitored over time.

The Progress Check includes:

  • Working at Grade – This indicates the level or grade the student is currently attaining
  • Approach to Learning/Homework – Outstanding, Very Good, Good, Improvement Required, Concerns, Serious Concerns.
  • End of Year Target Grade – Derived from Fischer Family Trust (FFT) data which provided estimates for student performance.

End of Year Progress Summary and Pastoral Report

Produced for every student once per year to give parents and carers detailed information about the student’s progress. This report also contains pastoral comments and attendance data.

Pre-Public Exam (PPE) Results

Pre-Public Examinations are formal assessments for Year 11 conducted internally. Following a series of Pre-Public Exam students receive their results in a process that simulates GCSE results day.

Meetings with Parents

Parents’ Evenings -  Held once per year for each year group. All appointments are five minutes and are made via an online booking system. To access the booking system click here.

Year 7 Tutor Evening - Held early in the Autumn Term to give parents and carers of Year 7 students the opportunity to speak with their child's tutor.

Year 11 Mentor Evening -  Provides an opportunity for the parents, and carers, of mentored students to meet their child’s mentor.

Parents and carers are welcome to visit the school to meet with staff, providing an appointment has been made.

Maths Progress Graphs

Since December 2012, the school has implemented further information for parents/carers and students in Maths by producing a student’s individual profile in Maths in the form of a graph for all students in Years 7-9. An example of the graph can be seen below, with an explanation.

This graph represents a student who has made expected progress overall. The ‘summary of progress’ line shows an upward trend and the student’s WAG follows closely the ‘target level’ and ‘government set aspirational target’. A concern may be the Year 8 spring data, showing a dip below the expected attainment; this may be caused by a difficult topic in the Maths curriculum; or a change in work ethic from the student; or other reasons. It would be expected that this student strives to meet the targets in the next term.

The graph contains four lines:

Government Set Aspirational Target (FFT)

This is a challenging estimate of your child’s progress produced by the Fischer Family Trust to help schools and Ofsted judge the impact of the teaching and learning.

Target Set by School

This is a target set by the school in light of their prior attainment.

Assessment Level

This is the current 'Working at Grade' displayed as a grade 9-1, with 9 representing the highest grade.

Summary of Progress (black line)

This line indicates the progress the student is making per term and allows for an estimation of future attainment (assuming that the student's work ethic and progress are maintained).



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