450 Avon Valley students tidy up their school

Students at The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College have done their bit for the environment after getting involved in a mass litter picking initiative, with one student even writing a letter to the Prime Minister about rubbish, pollution and the environment.

After learning about problems caused to the environment by waste and litter, the students at The Avon Valley School took matters into their own hands after the school borrowed forty-five litter pickers from Rugby Borough Council. During a two week period over 450 students got involved during tutor time and during their PSHE lessons.

Year 8, Fortune House, students Cheon Gayle and Dominik Marciniak said “We enjoyed taking part with the litter picking because it helped to make our school clean and tidy; afterwards we felt proud that we’d helped to make the school better.”

Achievement Leader Dan Phelan, said “To ensure lots of students got involved we drew up a rota which involved every student in Year 7 and Year 8; each morning two groups when out and collected litter from the school grounds. It was wonderful to see the students getting involved and wanting to make the school a better place.”

Headteacher, Alison Davies, said “This has been an excellent initiative and as a result our students have learnt what a blight litter is and how it can affect wildlife. I am hoping our students will use their knowledge and encourage others to be more mindful when it comes to litter.”

One Year 7 student went even further after being challenged to ‘Change the world’ in a PSHE lesson and wrote a letter about rubbish and the environment to Theresa May and received a letter from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs who are responsible for environmental policy.

Beth Guy, a student belonging to Phoenix House, said, “Litter is a really big problem and wild animals are suffering, so I wrote I letter to Theresa May.” She added, “I didn’t expect to get a reply, but now I feel really happy that the government is listening and are doing things to make the environment better”.