Young Enterprise Team, Unitas Creo

In September 2017, several Year 11 students from Avon Valley School decided to become involved in setting up a business, whilst working with students from other local schools, under the ‘umbrella’ of Young Enterprise.

Young Enterprise is a country-wide scheme whereby students start up companies, produce products or services, and then go out into the local area to sell them. Along the way, these companies experience the highs and lows of being a small business and come across the same difficulties that face all business owners. How the companies deal with the pitfalls is individual to them, but for every student this will be a valuable learning curve. They have the chance to take on a role and the relevant responsibility of the position within the company, for example: Marketing, Finance Director, H.R and ICT.
The Young Enterprise companies comprise of students from Rugby High and Lawrence Sheriff 6th form, along with Year 11 students from Avon Valley and Harris School. This makes for a lively and diverse social experience and enables students to share more ideas. This mix also exposes students to a more realistic experience of the world of work, where they meet people outside of their own school/social environment.
This year’s scheme saw similar issues and difficulties that have arisen in other years, with students overcoming various challenges which bound the team members together and enabled them to grow and flourish during the year.
At the end of the scheme, all the companies come together for an evening to showcase their company’s products. Each company had to write a company report, produce accounts and give a formal presentation to a large audience, which was no small feat in itself. Awards are given out and the best company goes forward to compete in the regional finals, with a chance to go on to the national finals.
The Belvoir Lettings Best Company Award was won by Unitas Creo for their innovative products and ideas. This team included three members from Avon Valley School, Chloe Hunt, Adelina Sirbu and Kelsey Widdows. These girls will now go on to compete in the regional final on 15th May at Coventry University, which will be held at 6.30pm in the Alan Berry Building. We would like to wish the team the very best of luck.