School celebrates language and cultural diversity

To mark European Day of Languages students at The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College have been finding out about the importance of learning other languages and have had opportunity to try cuisines from other cultures.

This year the European Day of Languages, which is jointly organised by the Council of Europe and the European Union, is on Tuesday 26 September. The annual event successfully involves millions of people across 45 participating countries and aims to celebrate linguistic diversity and promote language learning.

During the entire week, in addition to their French, Spanish and German lessons, students will learn about the day and what it means to learn a new language. The MFL faculty have shared language based resources with other subject areas. The school’s canteen is also supporting the event by serving up dishes from other European nations.
Suzy Benvenuto, MFL Faculty Leader, says “At The Avon Valley School every student has the opportunity to discover a new language, and many of our students do very well and achieve great results in MFL. The activities we run during the week are fun, but they also highlight the importance of being able to communicate with people from other countries.”
Alison Davies, Headteacher, said, “Many adults say that they would like to learn a foreign language, and in truth there is no better time to start learning than when you’re at school. Also, as a school we have students, and staff, from all over the world and the European Day of Languages is a wonderful chance to learn more about other cultures.”