School admits 10% of new intake based on performing aptitude and potential

On Monday 4th September The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College welcomed its students back following the summer break.

Amongst the students coming through the school’s gates were 220 Year 7 students arriving for their first day at secondary school - however for 22 of these new students the admission process was slightly different.
For the first time in the school’s history a number of students were added to the school’s roll based on their aptitude, or potential talent, in the performing arts which includes dance, music and drama. This facility exists as part of the legislation surrounding school specialism and was voted for by the school’s governors in December 2015 following a consultation period.
To gain a place through the performing arts specialism parents completed the admissions paperwork, before their child was invited to attend a workshop and audition in their specialist performing discipline.
Alison Davies, Headteacher, said, “As a school we are lucky to have wonderful performing arts facilities, staff who are dedicated to the arts, a proud history of successful productions and a curriculum which allows all students to enjoy and experience music, drama and dance. It therefore seemed logical that we should be able to welcome students who will benefit in these subject areas.”
Miss Davies added “Attending the audition was a good experience for each student and we were very impressed with their talent and maturity. We have an exciting school show planned for December and it has been great to see a number of these young Year 7 students getting involved in what will be their first production.”